Artists Bio:

David Phillips is an American artist whose work has shown at over 50 galleries throughout the United States.  Including The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Carnegie Hall (NYC), and The Downtown Art Center Gallery of Los Angeles.  Working from his studio in Venice Beach, California, he’s been featured by the CBS News, The LA Times (twice), and over 75 websites on the internet where he has a significant presence.

Inspired by his influences, he moved his studio from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Venice, California.  “Moving to Los Angeles allowed my career to progress in ways I could not imagine.  However, the work will never lose its country roots.”

His bold, conceptual, and avant garde works continue to amaze patrons, bring buyers, and captivate collectors all over the world.  David’s unique vision and style goes beyond traditional standards of art on canvas and pushes the boundary of what art is and can be.  "I named my online home wino-strut.  I needed something that was larger than the art world.  I make films, collage, abstract paintings, figurative paintings.  I make contemporary art out of anything I can get my hands on.”

Phillips is also a songwriter and performer under "wino-strut".