Artists Bio:

David Phillips (aka wino-strut) is a stalwart of the Los Angeles contemporary art world and music scene.  Working from his studio in Venice Beach, California his work is in stark contrast to that of other contemporary artists.  Phillips believes in creating almost all aspects of his work by hand and rarely goes to art stores.  He often looks at the back of other artist’s work to see how the piece was made.  Dedicated to materials and craftmanship wino-strut’s visual aesthetic has been critiqued and referred to as “Beatnik Americana Avant-Garde with a Western Flare” (Art News).  His bold and conceptual works continue to amaze patrons, bring buyers, and captivate collectors all over the world.  David’s unique vision and style goes beyond traditional standards of art on canvas and pushes the boundary of what art is and can be. 

"I named my art wino-strut.  I needed something that was larger than the art world.  I make films, collage, abstract paintings, figurative paintings, write music.  I make contemporary art out of anything I can get my hands on.  If we ever meet I’ll buy you a beer and tell you the story behind the term wino-strut.”

While paintings dry, Phillips writes cosmic country songs and performs live throughout the world under the name “wino-strut & Friends”.  Their live show has been reviewed as “high energy, raucous, debaucherous, and not to be missed.” (LA Weekly 2019)

wino-strut & Friends are signed to the label American Standard Time Records.  Their album "Bloodsicle" is out Oct. 30th 2020 on American Standard Time Records.